14 July 2013 @ 12:13 am
I've always loved the sea; the wind coming off the water, the smell of salt, the feel of sand between my toes. So when I finally managed to get a decent amount of vacation time off, I packed my duffle, grabbed my knapsack and camera bag, hopped in my Jeep and headed to the coast. I'm still not sure if this trip was the best of my life, or the worst idea I'd ever had.


The two- and a half-hour drive to the beach is one I relish. Just me in my jeep, windows down, tunes up, singing along at the top of my lungs. My friends will never understand why I prefer to make the drive alone. It's a great time to think, and relax, and not worry about making conversation, or arguing over the music (driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole).

"I got everything you want or need, your darkest fear, your fondest dream," I sing along to Steve Earle blaring from the speakers, drumming my hands on the steering wheel. I really should make this drive more often, I always feel more myself after some time spent by the ocean.

I notice the signs starting to pop up alerting me that I'm nearing my destination. I splurged on a cottage this time, splitting the cost with two of my friends. I'll be the first to arrive, and luckily will have three days alone before they get their asses in gear to meet me (I love my friends, but everyone needs time to themselves). I pull off the highway to wind my way through local streets towards the house. I think I'll drop off my stuff then make a run to the shop for some groceries.


Finally all unpacked, with enough food stuffs to last me a week (which will most likely only be 4 days, since my friends will eat everything when they get here), I grab a beer out of the fridge and walk down the path to the beach. It's not yet the weekend, and getting a bit chilly with the sun going down, so I'm alone on my little stretch of sand. I take off my flip flops and, shoving them in my back pocket, walk down to the water's edge and squish my toes into the cool sand. Taking a deep breath, I stare out into the water, feeling ridiculously lucky to be able to afford the time and money to come here for 16 full days.


I'm awoken at 9 AM by the sound of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir - who the fuck is calling me this early? "I am on vacation," I growl into the phone.
"Well, hello to you too, darlin'," the too-cheerful sounding voice of my best friend, Ty, says over the line. "Just givin' you a heads up, I'll be headin' your way tonight. I'll prob'bly be there late, so don't wait up," he continues.
"What? I thought you guys weren't coming for a couple more days?" I really was looking forward to some me time.
"Yeah, well, I got off a day early, and I miss your face. Em's still stuck, so she'll be comin' down as planned," he says. I can't help the smile that comes to my face - I haven't seen Ty in weeks, and I missed him, too.
"Ugh, you're ruining my plans, Tyler," I try to sound angry. It really doesn't work.
"You can read and be a lazy ass some other time, you know you can't wait to see me! I'll see you soon, sweetheart," Ty rushes out and hangs up before I can even get out a 'bye.' The little shit always has to have the last word.

Well, since I'm awake, might as well get out of bed... Sort of. I make my way to the kitchen, grab a package of strawberry pop tarts and a bottle of orange-flavored beverage drink (sounds delicious, yeah?), and go back to my room and curl up under the covers to read.


Two hours later, after nearly smacking myself in the face with my Kindle four times drifting off while reading, I finally crawl out of bed. Seeing as I am at the beach, I figure a little sun and sand and people watching is a better idea than sleeping the day away. I change out of my pj's into my favorite red-striped swimsuit, and toss on a pair of denim shorts and a tank over it. I grab my camera bag and pull out my Fujifilm X100 to take with me - it's subtler than my big Canon dSLR and I don't want to seem like a crazy peeping tom, snapping photos of strangers so obviously.
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11 May 2013 @ 06:45 pm

Well. I think it's gotten to the point where I only keep this Livejournal because I can't seem to let it go. I will most likely make the occasional post, possibly because no one I know reads this thing. I don't want to let it die.
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25 December 2012 @ 01:32 pm
28 October 2012 @ 09:24 pm

Not a whole lot going on lately. Been spending most of my time working at the cafe; we tried Halloween movie night on Saturdays all through October, and it just wasn't lucrative for us. But I did get to see a couple new movies. November starts a new plan for us, so hopefully we can draw in more business.

My brother, Frank, has joined us here in Ecuador, which causes some stress on my part. Moca Cafe Bar is for the both of us, but he is the opposite of organized and just doesn't seem to care enough to do his job at all. His main focus so far has been getting dates. We've never really gotten along the best, so it's aggravating that I have to work with him. :/

Nearly a month ago, Dad brought home a tiny ball of fluff (also known as Bandido, our new fluffy tabby kitten). My cat Daxter hasn't been too fond of tiny kitty, and started out smacking him around with his paws for awhile, but he's starting to tolerate the new kid. Abby has no problem with Bandido, and they are often running around playing at all hours.

I also recently figured out a one-year plan: so far, I'm on track to start receiving monthly paychecks in January, and the idea is with the first check, to replace my iPod Touch (which was stolen this month - and with an unreliable, old computer, having that iPod was just easier); start saving in February, make some sort of payment plan to repay my brother and sister the money I owe to the both of them; in June, I hope to begin looking for my own place, and possibly move by August or September; by Holiday 2013, I want to be able to have enough money saved to buy a new laptop. I want to be able to continue saving as long as possible, and 6 months after I move into my own place, I hope to get a dog! I love the kitties, but I miss having that goofy, slobbery, woof-y creature to pal around with. We have really nice new walkways on both sides of the river, which make good places for walks, so I have a lovely place to exercise a pup. I'm not sure what sort I would like, though something in the size range of a beagle to a small lab (the sizes of the dogs we left behind in the states with family). I saw some really adorable dapple grey puppies at Feria Libre this afternoon (where I would most likely get my dog), and wish I could have got one of them. I'm also fond of these little balls of fluff puppies I often see there. We shall see when the time comes, though!
17 September 2012 @ 02:25 pm

The family was invited to brunch at our friend Kathleen's house yesterday. I love her house, it has so many windows, it's filled with so much light. And now that she's been painting it, the lighter colors definitely show the natural light through the house so much more. It was a nice afternoon sitting around chatting; we don't get to see Kathleen very often, she's always off doing something interesting.

Also, finally saw The Avengers last night! Between Hawkeye, Katniss (The Hunger Games), and Robin Hood, I really want to learn archery!
14 September 2012 @ 02:51 am
I go so long without updating this thing. I've been trying to get back into writing more - considering I hadn't touched my computer in over a month until this past week, I'm surprised I've done what I have so far. I'm trying to catch up on uploading my photos (using photobucket now, since I am getting frustrated with flickr taking an hour to load 5 images), and I've updated my blog today, and have scheduled posts for tomorrow and Saturday, I want to take my 35mm camera out sometime soon, and maybe get a roll or two developed in the next month. For now I will just have to take more photos with my digital, though I think I have been doing better using it instead of just my iPod...

16 May 2012 @ 11:10 pm

It's been a long time since I logged into my LJ. I've started up on blogger, and have a hard enough time remembering to update that! But I'm trying to keep up with everything now, especially since my favorite community snapshot_seeker is coming back.

So what's been going on this year? I up and moved from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, all the way down south to Cuenca, Ecuador! My dad, step-mom, and youngest brother have been here for 10 months, now, and when they offered to pay for my plane ticket, I packed a couple bags and moved here, 2 months ago. I spend my week days working at Moca Cafe Bar, which is partially owned by the parents. I've never been a barista before, and I'm still learning (who knew an espresso machine was so dangerous? I've burned myself steaming milk a few times already)! So far, I really like it here. I've had no problems adjusting, other than the fact that I am way out of shape and we walk A LOT. We're way up in the mountains, hours away from the coast (I want to go to the beach!), and the weather hasn't been too cold nor too hot. It reminds me a lot of the Azores, actually, which I miss, even though I only lived there 4 years.

A month ago this weekend, Dad and I wore down Susan and Nick enough to get a cat! I was so excited! Susan and I went to the huge market, looked around at all the little kittens and puppies (and rabbits and chickens and ducks and guinea pigs (cuy)) and picked out not just one, but 2 little kittens! I chose a little boy, he's an orange tabby, and Susan picked a little girl, she's black with a bit of white. They're very playful, and have gotten used to each other, finally - they sleep together all curled up, and play all day long! The boy is Daxter and the girl is Abby.

My blog over at blogspot is full of photos of Ecuador - I have a bunch more to post soon!
01 January 2012 @ 06:59 pm
It seems to me that every year, I feel the need to do something different with my life, and every year, I fail at doing so. So this year, I figure if I don't attempt to make any major changes, I could manage a few small ones for now. The largest plan on the agenda this year is another move; I'm just not sure when.

This summer, my dad, step-mom, and youngest brother moved to Cuenca, Ecuador. My dad is retired military, and they live very comfortably down there. They've even made friends, which isn't like them at all (haha, anti-social tendencies run in the family), as well as not being as retired as they had planned. Apparently, they can't just sit still! They help with a realty company, and own 30% of a cafe run by a friend of theirs. My brother, Nick, seems to like it well enough, he plays soccer, and has enough friends between that and school to have had a birthday party last month.

They've recently strongly suggested I move there, as well. I have no qualms about doing so, in fact, it sounds like it would be the kind of adventure I've been hoping for. I've talked to a couple of my friends about the possibility, and they say I should go for it. If I do, I've been told I can work at the cafe, where I could possibly display my photographs, should I decide any of them are good enough (uhhhhhhhhhhhh?!). I could also work on my web design skills (which aren't as good as they used to be), and earn a lot of money building web pages for small companies there. Just some ideas my dad told me about. I would stay with them for awhile, until I could save enough for a place of my own, which is manageable; I would have my own room & bathroom - they have an amazing apartment. Cuenca is only an hour or two from the coast, the mountains aren't too far away either, and the climate sounds perfect for me: not too hot like I've been enduring the past several years, and not too, too cold.

I just have to save money to get a new passport (I haven't had one since I was 12), and figure out the expenses of moving there (and shrink my stuff down considerably). You know, minor details...
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30 October 2011 @ 07:03 am

I haven't been on here in ages! I'm not even sure when the last post was. I'm typing this on my iPod touch while offline, through the lj app, so I'm not sure if it will save until I can get wifi. Soooo what has happened since I was last here?
My sister and I have an apartment in Atlanta (Doraville) for pretty cheap, but with our jobs, it's still hard to keep up with things financially, unfortunately. The parents and our 13 yo brother Nick have been living in Cuenca, Ecuador since July, and they seem to really love it so far. We hope to visit them in May.
I still work at Old Navy, but the store here isn't as busy as my old one in SA, so hours are hard to come by. It's hard to find another job, but I'm always looking. School is also something I've been looking inro again, which I've been procrastinating of course. I know I need to do it, but it isn't something I look forward to :/
As usual time doesn't seem to flow at a normal pace for me; I find it hqrd to believe November is next week. Where has 2011 gone?

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02 June 2011 @ 02:22 am
I'm not sure what to say here, I just felt this itch to type something, anything. Babble on until I can't move my fingers across these keys one second longer. I'm thirsty and am tired of drinking only water. I wish I had some ice cream; not that I need it, it's just been very, very hot in Atlanta lately. I would much prefer the weather at a lovely 65 degrees with a bit of a breeze; rain would be lovely once in awhile. I painted my nails today; a pretty neutral colour from Essie called Sand Tropez (oh they think they are so clever). I meant to remove the light purple from my toes and repaint them a bright robin's egg blue, but I suppose I could do that tomorrow. I really have no life right now, just sitting and waiting, waiting and hoping (I've been sittin, waitin, wishin...). I wish my stupid transfer to the store here would have been easier; I had to interview all over again, and I'm still waiting on them to call. If there is one thing in the world I absolutely cannot stand, it is waiting. It's frustrating when you can't make things happen on your own. Hopefully they will call soon. I'm getting annoyed. I have a train trip planned tomorrow in the city: going to see if it's possible to take the train from Decatur (home for now) to Buckhead (work) without getting lost walking to and from the train stations. I won't have to use the train often, the parents are leaving their two cars for Christina and myself to use once they move. Also need to find an affordable, decent apartment. I've heard of a couple nice-sounding places, but we have to go there to check them out still. I really, really, wish I could afford a loft apartment, but alas, that is not my life (yet). We only have until June 30 to find a place, we have to be out of this house by then. Eeep! Running out of time... I've been watching all the episodes of Lie to Me on Netflix this past week. I had only seen a few of them here and there, but now I'm nearly finished with the second season, and I've totally fallen in love with the characters, and I heard it was canceled, so boo, Fox, bad choice. Did I mention I'm typing this from my "new" laptop? I have a desktop, but it's boxed away in storage for the mo. Everyone here has a laptop, now: Dad still has his old one (debating getting rid of it for an iPad, crazy person); Christina just got a spiffy new laptop form her grandfather for her high school graduation; Nick's just came through FedEx today - it's his bribe for moving to Ecuador with the parents. Susan got a new one a couple months ago - this is her old one, and as soon as we find a place for all the photos and files on here, it's alllllll mine. My desktop is fine, it has some memory issues and runs pretty slowly, but it works; I've always wanted a laptop, and now I can go to the coffee shop and sit and be on my computer and it will be fanTAStic. Hmm. And now it's late, my eyes are getting tired, I suppose sleep would be a good idea. I may have had too much sugar today...
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